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"What does Studio 19 Rentals do? We rent the things people love. Cameras, guitars, bikes, technology & the list is growing. We understand being passionate about something. We understand why that’s such a driving force in people’s lives. In fact, this is how we still decide on our product lines. & it’s also what we offer. The chance to follow your passion. To create, learn, to play. To get inspired & inspire others. We help people get the gear they’ve been dreaming of every day & although you rent the goods, the experience, the creations & the adventures are yours to keep."

– Mike Ludbey, Managing Director

Studio 19 Rentals offers something that no one else does. The chance to try things out without being locked into a rigid contract for years on end. No one ever expects their circumstances to change. Yet they do. All the time. With Studio 19 Rentals, you get the benefit of low monthly payments but none of the uncompromising nature of regular finance offers.

For example, you can return with Studio 19 Rentals. It could be at 6 months, 9 months or 18 months. Any time at all after 6 months you can return your rental to us. We won’t even ask you any questions. This way you get to make sure the equipment is right for you before you make a commitment.

Better still, you can apply to buy your rental whenever you like. The minimum rental period is only related to how long you need to keep the gear before you can return it to us. If you want to own it, you can. Even after one day, 10 days, or 365. Whenever you’re ready all you need to do is contact us & we will help you make the final payment.

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