SmallRig RA-R6090 Rectangular Softbox 3930

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SmallRig RA-R6090 Rectangular Softbox 3930

The RA-R6090 Rectangular Softbox 3930 from SmallRig has a quick release design, with diffusion & frame combined, so you can easily install or remove the softbox in seconds. The fabric grid offers a 45° beam angle for directional control & selective lighting. This softbox is compatible with SmallRig 120D/RC, 120B/RC, 220D/RC220B, & other Bowens-mount lights.

All-in-One Design for Quick Setup

The frame, diffusion material, & speed ring are all connected so there is no assembly required

Comfortable Handling

Silicone hand guards provide comfortable handling

Lightweight Exterior Umbrella Ribs

Made of durable steel, the 4 umbrella ribs are lightweight but rugged

Oxford Lattice Exterior

Dust & waterproof to prevent leakage

High-Reflective Coated Interior

Reflective interior offers smoother reflections, increased light intensity, & prevents light absorption

Compatible with Bowens-Mount Lights

Universal Bowens mount allows quick attachment to compatible lights

High-Quality Diffusion & Honeycomb Grid

Internal & external diffusion plus a 45° honeycomb grid offer various lighting effects

Custom Carry Bag

The top-opening design makes it easy to lift the softbox out & put it back in for transport or storage

In the Box:

  • SmallRig RA-R6090 Rectangular Softbox 3930
  • Fabric Grid
  • Internal Diffusion
  • External Diffusion
  • Carrying Bag

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