SmallRig Multifunctional Teleprompter 3646

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SmallRig Multifunctional Teleprompter 3646 is designed for mirrorless camera recording using a teleprompter. This modular item supports a universal mirrorless lens up to Φ95mm, a 15mm rail support system to protect the lens mount, and many other common accessories. In the box, the quick-release lens hood is easy to clean; it comes standard with a top flag and a filter slot for the filter, which helps prevent glares and ghosting in complex environments. The tablet mount can hold up to an 11.0" tablet or work independently. The teleprompter App extracts text from PDF, picture, Word, and TXT while making it editable, thereby improving your preparation for recording.

  • 1. A 15mm rail support system is needed to protect the lens mount
  • 2. The silicone lens hood supports lenses up to Φ95mm
  • 3. Recommended size of tablet: ≤11.0”
  • 4. Incompatible with smartphone
  • 5. Only supports lens with focal length ≥22mm
  • 6. The App, called SmallGoGo, is available in Apple Store and Android Market
  • 7. Please check the accuracy of text recognition by the App


  • 1. Universal Φ15mm rod
  • 2. iOS and Android
  • 3. Universal 4 x 5.65” filter

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