Smallrig RA-D30 mini Parabolic Softbox for RC 60B 4358

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Product Description

SmallRig RA-D30 mini Parabolic Softbox is a light modifier with a diameter of 29cm / 11.2in, specially designed for RC 60B COB Light. With the new generation of self-developed quick-release patented designs, opening and folding a softbox is just one click away. Lift the opposite rods to set it up and click the quick release buttons to fold it back. The honeycomb grid for better light control narrows the beam to 45°. Industrial-grade light diffuser material, high-reflective coating, and diffuser cloth to obtain the best soft light effect to meet your needs.


  • RC 60B COB Light

In the Box:

  • Mini Softbox x 1
  • Diffuser Cloth x 1
  • Honeycomb Grid x 1
  • User Manual x 1
  • Carrying Bag x 1

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