What is Dry Hire?

To hire equipment without an operator or assistance is known as "Dry Hire".

If you’re unfamiliar with a piece of equipment we’ll do our best to run through its operation, but it’s fair & reasonable to expect you have the skillset to use the equipment.

What’s considered a full day hire?

We like to classify a hire day the same as a shoot day. In general equipment is picked up late afternoon the day before to allow crew the opportunity to perform a “gear check” prior to shooting. We’d appreciate the return of the equipment by 11am the following morning of the hire day.

Is Urban Cine a 24/7 Hire & Sales online store?

No, for Hire & Sales trading hours are 9:00am-5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Urban Cine is a small & reactive business & we are happy to help, but we are human & need time to respond whether that be an urgent Hire or Sale.

Are multi day rates offered?

Yes. In general bookings of 3 days or more attract discounts &/or free days.

Do I need to book equipment in advance?

It makes sense to plan & book in advance to ensure you get the equipment you need for your project. We’ll work through the options should equipment not be available.

What’s the best way to book equipment?

We put a lot of effort uploading equipment to the website. You’re able to navigate the site & add gear to a “camera bag”. It’s a great way to get started & to get an estimate. Submit for a quote & we’ll fine tune from there.

But of course discussing your needs over the phone, in person, or via email is also ok!

Is sending Urban Cine a quick text message to book hire equipment a good idea?

In general, no. The fine details of an equipment booking are often overlooked. Urban Cine cannot read your mind, therefore attention to detail is important right across the board when it comes to effective filmmaking. All the details matter.

Should I have to pay for something I don’t use?

With all bookings it’s fair & reasonable to expect that the hirer pays for the equipment that’s picked up from Urban Cine.

It’s important to note that equipment checklists be used on pick up to eliminate any discrepancies, & that the hirer has the skillset to use the equipment.

Of course if Urban Cine is at fault, or the equipment fails this will be taken into consideration.

I’m having problems with the equipment, what do I do?

Most times problems can be solved over the phone so please make that call to us. If the issue is a bit more sinister we’ll do our best to keep you moving forward.

Is the equipment covered by insurance?

Yes. When accepting the terms & conditions of hire a 5% insurance levy is added to the total which helps Urban Cine keep its insurance policy up to date. This of course protects both the hirer & Urban Cine.

Urban Cine’s insurance policy covers equipment used within Australia. If overseas travel is planned additional insurance is required at the hirer's cost.

If the equipment is damaged or stolen when on hire, what do I do?

Of course the very first thing to do is to contact us. Depending on the damage or loss Urban Cine may need to submit an insurance claim. An excess of $750.00 will be required by the hirer in this case, therefore it’s in everybody’s interest to limit any damage or loss by using the equipment in a respectful & professional manner.

Does Urban Cine offer Student Discount?

Yes. If you are a Media Student looking for discount for your "School Media Production", you’ll be asked for proof of study. A reference from a Senior Lecturer may also be required. Outside of this Media Students are not automatically given discount.

Saying this Urban Cine is more than happy to support the next generation of Filmmakers.

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