Jinbei 85cm Quick Open Beauty Dish Softbox (Bowens Mount)

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Jinbei 85cm Quick Open Beauty Dish Softbox (Bowens Mount)

The 85cm Jinbei Quick Open Beauty Dish provides you with the quick open rod lock mechanism inside a folding beauty dish.

The setup & pack down of this light modifier is simple, fast, & efficient.

16 anodized support rods provide a rounder shape to the softbox, creating more flattering catchlights in the eyes.

This softbox has deep parabolic design, bigger parabolic depth, increase the light intensity

The inner lining of the beauty dish is made from professional-grade reflective fabric, has higher light reflection efficiency & ensures the reflection more even.

Tech Specs:

  • Diameter: 85cm
  • Depth: 37cm
  • Includes a Bowens mount as standard


  • 1 x Jinbei Φ85cm Quick-open softbox
  • 1 x Inner diffuser cloth
  • 1 x Outer diffuser cloth
  • 1 x Storage bag

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