Xlite Pro 18K Octa Softbox 120cm + Grid & S-Type Mount

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The Xlite Pro 18K Octa Softbox is one of the most exquisitely designed light modifiers to be manufactured. From the most prominent 120cm to the smaller 90cm model, these superbly efficient light modifiers from Xlite, utilise the impressive Quick release system for rapid setup, painless disassembly, & convenient storage. The design makes the most efficient use of light as it is not obstructed by the umbrella mechanism that most other softboxes uses.

The unique Xlite Pro 18K Octa Softbox is the fantastic construction of a parabolic deep design, supported by 18 external nylon fiberglass rods; no metallic dowels or 'bones' interfere with the perfectly shaped silvered interior bowl. The Softbox provides the ideal source for mastering all location situations where quality counts by imitating natural sunlight.

The Xlite Pro 18K Octa Softbox combines the strength of a key light while acting as an excellent reflector, blending perfectly with daylight or additional fill soft lights & is best for the full length figure, fashion, large group shots, celebrity, lifestyle, & commercial assignments.

This one modifier can serve as the main light, as an excellent reflector, imitate a large beauty dish, or by adding the outer diffuser shield, you can change the overall wash of sharper light to a less harsh attitude. Independently, the inner diffuser avoids hotspots while maintaining the 'pop' of the silvered rim of material extending beyond its position. The use of both outer & inner double diffusion material combines to go even farther to produce very soft light, thereby creating three levels of contrast, sharpness, & dimension.


  • The operation of the parabolic rib spokes is genuinely the quickest & smoothest opening & closing mechanism in the genre
  • Once constructed, the gracefully curved interior creates a perfect silvered reflector for a rear mounted LED video light or flash head
  • The striking cyan accented against black exterior design exhibits a vibrant & confident appearance
  • The structure is stable & firm. The whole modifier says 'quality' & promises 'delicious' results.
  • Quick release locks are exceptionally comfortable to use & allows for simple setup & storage
  • Rubberized rods sleeves, lock levers, & fabrics protect & buffer pressure points from sharp or metallic surface discomforts to fingertips
  • The interchangeable speed ring system - Bowens mount included with Elinchrom & Profoto options available

Xlite Pro 18K Octa Softbox 120cm + Grid & S-Type Mount Includes:

  • Xlite Pro 18K Octa Softbox 120cm
  • Outer diffuser
  • Inner diffuser
  • Bowens / S-Type adaptor
  • Carry bag

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