OCR Labs is the first accredited private company to offer this tech. To ensure insurance for hired equipment is valid Urban Cine Pty.Ltd. asks you to verify your identity. By doing so you are supplying the required 100 points of ID. This will protect both you the Hirer & Urban Cine Pty.Ltd. should the unexpected occur.

In your own time, and without presenting your ID in store, OCR Labs IDKit will use the camera on your phone to capture images of your ID documents such as Passport and Driver's Licence, & images of your face to cross reference.

OCR Labs' IDKit is an accredited provider for the Australian Government's Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF).

If you feel uncomfortable uploading your ID digitally please contact Pete on 0411 886 229 or pete@urbancine.com

For more information, you may visit OCR Labs or digitalidentity.gov.au

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