NiSi 77mm True Color Pro Nano CPL Circular Polarizing Filter

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The NiSi True Color Pro Nano CPL Circular Polarizing Filter is your key to unlocking breathtaking visuals. Designed to reduce glare & reflections from non-metallic surfaces, this filter takes your photography to new heights. Say goodbye to washed-out skies & dull landscapes, & embrace the true colours of the world around you.

Unmatched Colour Accuracy

Unlike other CPL filters that add a warm tone or alter the colours of your images, the True Color CPL from NiSi ensures an accurate representation of the scene. With its innovative two-tone frame design, featuring a silver back ring & a black front ring, this filter not only enhances your images but also complements your gear with its sleek appearance. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, the frame is as durable as it is stylish.

Crystal-Clear Views in Any Condition

Don’t let changing weather conditions hinder your photography. NiSi’s True Color CPL incorporates Cine seal technology, effectively blackening the edge of the filter for added durability. This technology minimizes the impact of temperature fluctuations & prevents condensation, allowing you to capture stunning shots in any environment. With the True Color CPL, you can confidently explore various landscapes & conquer challenging lighting situations.

Unleash Your Creative Potential

Reduce Glare & Unwanted Reflections

Experience the power of the NiSi True Color Pro Nano CPL Circular Polarizing Filter to eliminate glare & unwanted reflections. By filtering out polarized light that results from reflection on non-metallic surfaces, this filter dramatically enhances image clarity & contrast. Bid farewell to distracting reflections on glass, water, or shiny objects & unleash your creativity without compromise.

Amplify Saturation & Tonal Depth

Step into a world of vibrant colours & rich tonal saturation. The True Color CPL intensifies the hues of the sky & foliage, making them pop with life. Whether you’re capturing majestic landscapes or close-ups of natural elements, this filter brings out the true essence of your subjects. With heightened saturation & enhanced tonal depth, your photographs will exude a mesmerizing allure.

Discover Hidden Beauty Beneath the Surface

With the NiSi True Color CPL, you can explore the captivating world beneath shallow water surfaces. By polarizing the light, this filter allows your camera to capture what lies beneath the water’s reflective barrier. Unveil the hidden wonders of underwater landscapes, reveal the intricate details of aquatic life, & elevate your photography to awe-inspiring depths.

Unparalleled Quality & Convenience

Superior Protection & Easy Handling

The NiSi True Color Pro Nano CPL Circular Polarizing Filter is equipped with NiSi’s proprietary Pro Nano Coating, offering unrivalled protection & ease of use. This advanced coating minimizes unwanted reflections & creates a waterproof & scratch-resistant barrier. Say goodbye to fingerprints, dust, & water stains that hinder your lens performance. Cleaning becomes effortless, ensuring your filter is always ready for your next photographic adventure.

Effortless Installation & Removal

Experience hassle-free filter handling with the True Color CPL’s knurled sides. The textured design provides a firm grip, making it easy to install & remove the filter whenever needed. No more struggling or fumbling with your gear. With the NiSi True Color CPL, you can swiftly adapt to changing shooting conditions & focus on capturing the perfect shot.

Slim & Streamlined Design

NiSi’s commitment to innovation extends to the True Color CPL’s frame design. With its ultra-slim two-colour frame, this filter offers a sleek & streamlined profile. The slimline frame not only reduces vignetting but also allows you to attach a lens cap directly, ensuring convenience & protection. Embrace a clutter-free photography experience without compromising on quality.

* Please note due to the design of this filter it’s not compatible with all lens hoods.

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