Nanlite LT-FMM60 Lantern softbox for Forza with FM Mount

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Soft Even & Omni-Directional Light

The LT-FMM60 Lantern Soft Box is the smallest lantern in Nanliteā€™s range, & was specially designed for Forza FM Mount. It includes a Forza FM micro mount but also includes a Bowens adaptor to allow it to be used on the larger Forza 200, Forza 300, Forza 500.

A lantern softbox is ideal for lifting the ambient light level on a set. It can be used for small or large areas.

The 270 degree throw of light creates a soft even lighting effect, ideal for portraits, commercial photography & videography.

The Forza FM Lantern set includes 2 skirts to control the angle of light spread.


  • LT-FMM60 Lantern Soft Box
  • 2 x Skirts
  • Forza FM mount ring
  • Bowens Mount Ring
  • Carrying Bag


  • Length of side: 45cm
  • Height: 43cm

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