Atomos is a video technology innovator. When we started just over a decade ago, we combined high-quality touchscreen monitors, removable storage & Apple ProRes to dramatically improve the quality of video captured by almost any camera. For the first time, videomakers could take the uncompressed output from their camera & store it in Apple’s professional, easy-to-edit format.

New generations of faster, lighter, tougher & brighter products followed, taking in HDR, 4K & even 8K. Now “Atomos” has become part of the filmmaker’s vocabulary.

With Connect, we extend the capabilities of our monitor recorders with a host of cloud-based tools & services. Content creators now have more peace of mind as their footage is simultaneously stored on the camera, in the cloud & on the Atomos recorder. People anywhere in the world can access media from a cloud-connected Atomos device.

Our new online services extend our physical products’ capabilities, empowering filmmakers & video creators with essential tools for camera-to-cloud, collaboration & review, cloud editing, live multicam production, wireless timecode & streaming. It’s a flexible ecosystem of subscription-based services that can grow with customers’ needs.

Thanks to technology, the world is changing faster than ever, connecting people across the globe in leisure & in work. It does the tedious, repetitive and, in some cases, physically impossible work so that media professionals can be more creative, more productive & find a better work-life balance. At Atomos, we welcome & embrace these changes while we continue to innovate & improve the working environment – for everyone who works with us, & for us.

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