SmallRig RA-L65 Lantern Softbox 3754

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SmallRig RA-L65 Lantern Softbox 3754

Ideal for overhead use on a boom or as a fill light, the omni-directional RA-L65 Lantern Softbox from SmallRig can also be used to elevate the ambient light level. This allows you to use more focused instruments & light specific areas of your live action scene, interview setup, or product photography, while maintaining an overall ambient exposure level on set. The soft output of the light boosts light levels, lifting your set out of darkness without casting shadows in the same way a key light can.

Increasing the ambient light levels allows your talent to move throughout the scene more naturally, without being plunged into darkness, while still allowing you to create strong lighting effects. An included cloth skirt easily attaches to the softbox so you can control spill, keeping it off walls for example, & create more contrast where you want it.

The diffusion fabric creates smooth omni-directional soft light, without affecting the colour or the CRI rating of your fixture's output.

The lantern softbox features a Bowens speed ring, making it compatible with a large variety of light fixtures for stills & video.

The included 4-section fabric skirt can be easily attached to control spill.

The diffusion material attaches securely to the speed ring, making setup & breakdown quick & easy.

SmallRig RA-L65 Lantern Softbox 3754 INSERT

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