SmallRig RA-D55 Parabolic Softbox 3585

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SmallRig RA-D55 Parabolic Softbox 3585

Create a beautiful, even key light for still or video productions with this flexible RA-D55 Parabolic Softbox from SmallRig. Designed to set up & pack away quickly in the included carrying case, the softbox has a 21.6 x 14.6" opening for a strong yet soft & controllable output. Soften the light output with the included internal diffuser, or remove the diffuser to increase the light output. You can mix & match using either or both the internal & external diffusers to soften the light.

Attach the included honeycomb grid to add shape & directionality to the light's output. This softbox is ideal for overhead use on a boom or on a stand, as a beauty light, a product light, a key, or a fill light. It is easy to setup with support ribs on the exterior that won't interfere with the light's output, creating a smooth beam complimentary to faces & products.

Quick Release Speed Ring

The Bowens compatible speed ring travels with softbox attached or collapsed, & features an innovative design that allows you to expand the softbox quickly without having to insert poles into the speed ring.

Reflective Interior

The highly reflective, silver-coloured interior helps prevent light from escaping through the fabric, increasing the efficiency & output of the softbox, while helping to create a soft output.


Comes with an external diffusion fabric & an internal diffusion baffle.

Honeycomb Grid

The high-quality fabric grid helps focus your light's beam angle to 45° for more control of your lighting.

Waterproof Exterior

The exterior of the softbox is made with Oxford lattice material, which is water, light, & dustproof to benefit working outdoors & to prevent light from leaking from the softbox.

SmallRig RA-D55 Parabolic Softbox 3585 INSERT

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