Dynacore D-TRAVEL-2 Charger V-Lock Travel (D-Tap)-type for 2 Batteries

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Product Description

Dynacore D-Travel-2 Battery Charger

Portable charger to charge batteries through a dual D-Tap connector.

Key Features:

  • Dual D-Tap connectors to charge 2 batteries
  • Charger output at 16.8V, 4A.
  • When 2 batteries are charged together, it will charge the low-voltage battery first with a 4A current until the units are at the same voltage level. Then it will charge 2 batteries simultaneously with a 2A current charging channel.
  • LED charging indicator.


Input: AC 90V~240V / 47Hz~63Hz

Charger Output: DC 16.8V/4A

Power: Max 67W

Applicable Battery: Battery With D-Tap Socket

Dimension: 120x56x32mm

Weight: 0.30Kg

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