BestBoy Festus Belt Bag (Black)

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BestBoy Festus Belt Bag (Black)

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The BestBoy Festus Belt Bag is a robust bag made of tarpaulin in the size of the belt bag Ben (13 x 7 x 19 cm) with many compartments and fastening options for technicians in event technology.

The bag can be attached to all belts up to a width of 8.5 cm and can be easily opened and closed with the Velcro fastener. The inside of the bag is divided into 2 compartments. There is a sewn-on D-ring on the outside. The holster offers enough space for a flashlight, pens, pens, notepads and much more.The bottom and side walls have been reinforced for more stability

Dimensions: 13 cm wide / 19 cm high / 7 cm deep

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