Seamless Backdrops - Blue, White & Black (3mx6m)

Full day rate: $10.00

Total including 4% insurance & 10% GST : $11.44

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Seamless Backdrops - Blue, White & Black (3mx6m)

Product Description

Urban Cine offers a selection of 3m x 6m Seamless Muslin Cotton Backdrops which incorporate 7.6cm (3") Support Bar Pockets. Hire an optional Backdrop Stand Kit & simply slide the support bar through the Pocket to eject a 3m x 6m sheet quickly & efficiently.

Each 3m x 6m Cotton Sheet is priced @ $10.00 + GST per day.

Colours include:
  • Chroma Key Blue 3m x 6m (9.8' x 19.6')
  • White 3m x 6m (9.8' x 19.6')
  • Black 3m x 6m (9.8' x 19.6')

Optional Extras:

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