LEDGO MagicHue (LG-G160) Ultra Bright LED Panel (RGB / Bi-Colour)

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LEDGO MagicHue (LG-G160) Ultra Bright LED Panel (RGB / Bi-Colour)

Product Description

This smaller RGB LED panel is more portable than the G260, and can be powered by just one V-Lock battery.

The ability to match common hues such as Sodium Vapour, Metal Halide, Fluorescent, and Street light should be a real time saver.

The MagicHue G260 is the first LEDGO panel to offer a wider colour gamut, now spanning 2700K to 7500K.

The White and Amber colour spectrum is produced by a dedicated set of warm and cool LEDs, rather than combining the RGB output to create the white as some other panels do. Unless it is done well, using RGB LEDs can create undesirable colour spikes in the white. The Magichue G260 use the RGB LEDs to create lighting effects and the most popular industry gel colours.

Key Features:

  • Four lighting modes Full Colour adjustment from 2700K to 7500K, RGB, RGBW, Tungsten
  • Control with 2.4G Remote, WiFi APP, DMX or Manual Dimmer
  • Seven effects available: Lightning Storm, Police Lights, Candle Light, Hard Disco, Soft Disco, Monitor, Multi Flash
  • Extra lighting effects for matching Sodium Vapour, Metal Halide, Fluorescent, Street Light


  • Illumination(LM): 2700K:9760LM; 7500K:10880LM
  • Illumination(LUX): 2700K: 4530LUX@1M;563LUX@3M; 218LUX@5M.
  • Illumination(LUX): 7500K: 5650LUX@1M; 698LUX@3M; 273LUX@5M.
  • Power: Multi-voltage AC, or 1 x V-lock Batteries
  • Power Consumption: 160W
  • CRI: 95
  • Dimension: 54.8cm x 60.9cm x 14.9cm
  • Weight: 6.7kg
  • Durable Aluminium Housing
  • Cooling Fan
Tech Specs:
  • LED RGB Studio Light
  • Four Lighting Modes: CCT 2700K - 7500K, RGB, RGBW & Tungsten
  • Seven Lighting Effects Available: Storm, Cop Car, Candle Light, Hard Disco, Soft Disco, Monitor, Multi Flash
  • Control brightness, colour and colour temperature via the WiFi Control Box
  • Manual dimmer control
  • CRI (Ra): 95
  • Colour Temperature: 2700K/7500K
  • Brightness Control: WiFi APP, 2,4G, DMX and dimmer
  • Power: 160W
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