Sony PXW-FX9 Full-Frame 6K Cine Camera (Body)

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Sony PXW-FX9 Full-Frame 6K Cine Camera (Body)

Product Description

Key Features:

  • 6K Full-Frame Exmor R CMOS Sensor
  • 15 Stops of Dynamic Range, Dynamic HDR
  • Sony E-Mount
  • 10-Bit 4:2:2 XAVC-I up to 600 Mb/s
  • Extended ISO - 320 to 102,400
  • Anamorphic Lens Support Plus 2x Desqueezing in the LCD viewfinder
  • Centre Scan Mode - switch on assignable buttons, allowing users to toggle seamlessly between different scan modes
  • Real-Time Tracking (Touch Tracking AF)
  • Built-in electronic variable neutral density (ND)
  • Dual Base ISO - 800/4000
  • Advanced Image Stabilization
  • S-Cinetone
  • Slow & Quick:
    • FF 6K 4096×2160P 1-30
    • FFcrop 5K/S35 4K 4096×2160P 1–60
    • FF 2K 1920×1080P 1–60, 100, 120, 150, 180
    • S35 2K 1920×1080P 1–60, 100, 120
    • S16 2K XAVC-I 1920×1080P 1–60, 100, 120, 150, 180

6K Full-Frame

The camera’s full-frame 6K sensor provides superb recording in DCI 4K*, Ultra HD & HD resolutions. Powerful image processing with debayering & oversampling ensures image quality beyond the limits of conventional Super 35mm sensors. The back-illuminated CMOS image sensor also uses Sony’s Exmor R technology for improved sensitivity & noise reduction. Compared to a 4K Super 35mm sensor, the FX9’s 6K sensor has over twice the surface area while providing a wider angle of view & shallower depth of field.*DCI 4K (4096 x 2160 at 17:9 recording) will be available with future firmware

Dynamic Range

The FX9 offers an exceptional 15+ stops of dynamic range & captures detail using either 4K 4:2:2 10-bit internal recording or 16-bit RAW external recording.* In grading, colourists can find colour & detail beyond the normal viewing abilities of the camera operator.* RAW recording requires future firmware release, XDCA-FX9 & external recorder.

Dual Base ISO

The FX9 features a base sensitivity of ISO 800, providing the optimal dynamic range for typical documentary applications.A secondary High Base sensitivity of ISO 4000 excels in low light conditions such as early morning & evening shoots while maintaining superb image quality. ISO 4000 is also ideal whenever you’re using slow lenses. Combining Dual Base ISO with the camera’s electronic variable ND Filter provides superb creative control.*ISO 800 & ISO 4000 are used in S-Log3, Cine EI mode. The base ISO for S-Cinetone is 320 in both the FX6 & FX9.

Sony FX9 ISO Range (Alister Chapman)
Base ISO Levels for the FX9 by Alister Chapman

Cinematic Colour Science with S-Cinetone™

S-Cinetone is the default look of FX9 that’s tuned to meet the requirements of today’s content creators with rich mid-range colours, developed with the same expertise as Sony’s world-leading VENICE digital cinematography camera. S-Cinetone means that straight out of the camera your content looks fresh & vivid.

Fast Hybrid AF

Effortlessly track fast moving subjects with pin-sharp focus, even when using wide lens aperture settings to maintain a shallow depth of field with the camera’s full-frame sensor. Developed by Sony’s α camera engineers, enhanced Fast Hybrid AF combines phase detection AF for fast, accurate subject tracking with contrast AF.In addition, Face Detection intelligently recognises & locks on to human faces.

The dedicated 561-point phase detection AF sensor covers approximately 94% of the whole image area width & 96% of height, allowing consistently accurate, responsive AF tracking, even with fast-moving subjects.

Stable, Shake-Free Handheld Footage

Advanced image stabilisation information means even handheld footage can be transformed with Sony Catalyst Browse/Catalyst Prepare software* in post-production to look as smooth as if it were shot with a gimbal. Unlike in-camera or lens stabilisation, meta data generated by FX9’s built-in gyro allows you to creatively choose the balance between the level of shake-compensation & the resolution of trimmed 4K imagery. This feature is also compatible with any E-mount lens & allows for far faster processing than conventional NLE stabilisation workflows**.

*Catalyst Browse/Catalyst Prepare Version 2019.2 or higher is required. Version 2019.2 is planned to be released mid-December 2019.

** Resolution & angle of view reduced compared to native footage.

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  • Sony PXW-FX9 Camera Body
  • Viewfinder (3.5” 1280 x 720 Resolution)
  • Grip Control Remote (Handgrip)
  • Metabones Lens Adapter - EF to E-Mount (NEX) MK4
  • 2 x 240GB XQD Cards + Reader
  • 3 x IDX SB-U98 (96Wh) 14.4V Li-ion Battery with D-Tap + Charger
  • SmallRig 2845 SONY FX9 15mm Rod Clamp
  • SmallRig 2840 SONY FX9 U-Shape Top Plate
  • SmallRig 2835 Sony FX9 VCT Shoulder Pad
  • SmallRig 2169 VCT-14 Quick Release Tripod Plate
  • Tripod of choice


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