Xlite Cardellini End Jaw Clamp 20cm With 5/8 Pin

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Xlite Cardellini End Jaw Clamp 20cm With 5/8 Pin

Product Description

Designed for use as an accessory or substitute for a light stand or on its own as a support, the End Jaw Clamp 20cm with 5/8 pin is a highly useful accessory on set or in the field. The clamp has a 20cm main bolt with a channel (chamfered slot) cut into it to prevent its jaws from rotating when in use. Each clamp jaw is covered in a rubber surface that guaranties objects hold fast & aren't scratched. Capable of handling items weighing up to 30kg, the clamp has a knurled 5/8" pin at one end & a hex receiver at the other for additional mounting options.

Key Features:

  • 20cm End Jaw Clamp with 5/8" Pin & Hex Socket
  • 16 - 50mm Opening
  • Payload: 30kg

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