Tilta Universal ARCA Quick Release Baseplate – Black

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Product Description

The Tilta Universal ARCA Quick Release Baseplate is a lightweight and convenient option for securely mounting your camera to a wide range of support systems.

Featuring ARCA standard compatibility, this baseplate is specifically crafted to work seamlessly with 38mm ARCA quick release plates.

This Baseplate features an adjustable locking lever which allows for increased compatibility with various brands’ standards for quick release plates, camera cages, L-brackets, and more.

The bottom of this baseplate features multiple 1/4″-20 threads and a 3/8″-16 thread, making it easy to attach this baseplate to a range of various systems.

The Tilta Universal ARCA Quick Release Baseplate offers a reliable, convenient, and adaptable solution for mounting your camera to various support systems.

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