Tilta 15mm LWS Support for Tilta Mirage

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Product Description

The Tilta 15mm LWS Support for Tilta Mirage allows you to mount the Matte Box to your camera system via two 15mm rods.

This is the perfect solution for adding some additional security when weight is less of a concern or when using lenses that do not support the clamp on functionality of the Mirage.

Key Features:

  • [DUAL ROD SUPPORT] Creates a Secure Connection to Mount the Mirage
  • [LOCATING PINS] Prevent Unwanted Rotation when Mounting the Matte Box
  • [LIGHTWEIGHT] Design Adds Rod Support while Limiting Additional Weight
  • [FAST ASSEMBLY] Allows Adapter to be Quickly Attached or Removed via a Thumb Screw
  • [DURABLE] Aluminium & Stainless Steel Construction

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