SmallRig Rod Clamp 4151

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SmallRig Rod Clamp 4151

The SmallRig Rod Clamp is designed to provide a lightweight solution to video shooting by quickly and firmly clamping 15mm rods. It features an open rod clamp design, installed from upwards, with two clamping mounts locking 15mm rods without being blocked by other accessories. When working with the Modular Follow Focus it is able to adjust rod distance for the large-diameter lenses while providing stable dual rod support.


  • Standard Φ15mm rods
  • 3850, Compatible with 3010 series follow focus
  • Lens of outer diameter up to 114mm


  • Product Dimensions: 132 x 52 x 39.5 mm
  • Package Dimensions: 120 x 102.5 x 43mm
  • Product Weight: 70.2 g±5g
  • Package Weight: 100.7g±5g
  • Material(s): AL6061

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