SmallRig Quick Release Plate with Arca-Swiss for DJI RS 2/RSC 2/Ronin-S / RS 3 / RS 3 Pro 3061

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SmallRig Quick Release Plate with Arca-Swiss for DJI RS 2 / RSC 2/ Ronin-S / RS 3 / RS 3 Pro 3061

The Smallrig Quick Release Plate is designed to assist users in directly installing an Arca-Swiss standard L-bracket onto the gimbal, which enables users to switch quickly between other rigs and gimbals. The quick-release plate has a built-in Arca-Swiss base and can be locked quickly by thumbscrew without any tools. The quick-release plate adopts the original camera plate design and is compatible with the original Arca-Swiss plate, focus rod mount equipped with DJI RS 2 / RSC 2 / RS 3 / RS 3 Pro. The plate also features a gear rack at the bottom, allowing for precise adjustments.

Key Features:

  • Attach L-bracket and cage with a standard Arca-Swiss plate to the gimbal directly.
  • Anti-removal stud to prevent an accidental fall.
  • Gear rack on the underside of the plate for precise adjustment.
  • Compatible with DJI RS 2/RSC 2 Arca-Swiss plate and focus rod mount.
  • Matte surface to avoid reflections, perfectly matching a gimbal body.

In the Box:

  • 1 x Quick Release Plate
  • 1x Alan Key

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