SmallRig Memory Card Case 3192

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SmallRig Memory Card Case 3192

Product Description

SmallRig Memory Card Case 3192 is designed for the storage and protection of memory cards. It looks good and feels comfortable with uneven, anti-slip texture and can accommodate 6 SD cards, 6 Micro SD cards, 2 CFexpress Type A cards, and 1 CFexpress Type B card (or XQD card) at the same time. The case comes with an easy-to-operate on/off fastener, sealable silicone linings that prevent splashing and dust, cardholders with the printed names of compatible cards for identification, and anti-shock card trays wrapping and fixing cards. Having passed a 2m drop test, this item can effectively protect your memory cards from accidental falls.


  • TF Card
  • SD Card
  • CFexpress Type A Card
  • CFexpress Type B/XQD Card

In the Box:

  • 1 x Memory Card Case


  • Product Dimensions: 106 x 76 x 18.5mm
  • Package Dimensions: 121 x 104 x 44 mm
  • Net Weight: 120g±5g
  • Package Weight: 164.5g±5g
  • Material: PC, Silicone

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