SmallRig BSE2294 Swivel & Tilt Monitor Mount

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The SmallRig Swivel & Tilt Monitor Mount BSE2294 is used to attach the monitor to a camera cage, handle or other fastening system with two 1/4 ”-20 screws. The sturdy aluminium bracket enables lateral rotation by 360 ° & tilting by 150 ° without tools. The lightweight bracket weighs only 68 g & can carry 5 "and 7" monitors up to 1.2 kg.

It has rubber pads on the top to prevent scratching the monitor. The thumbscrew has hex wrench holes that you can use to retighten the screw to keep your monitor safe.

When not in use, the holder can simply be folded away for storage.

Key features:

  • Supports 5 ”and 7” monitors up to 1.2 kg.
  • Pivoting 360 ° & tilting 150 ° enables a free stop in any position.
  • Allen wrench holes to retighten the screw for security.
  • Rubber pads on the top to avoid scratching the monitor.
  • Weights only 68g, easy for storage.

Designer: Tracy Joy


  • Maximum payload: 1.2kg
  • Retighten the thumbscrew with the Allen key for security.
  • Do not adjust the monitor bracket without attaching a monitor or lamp.


  • SmallHD Focus Series
  • SmallHD Focus OLED Series
  • SmallHD UltraBright Series
  • SmallHD 500 Series, 700 Series
  • Atomos Ninja Series
  • Atomos Shogun Flame
  • Blackmagic Video Assist 5”

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