​SmallRig 2070 Articulating Arm with Dual Ball Heads

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​SmallRig 2070 Articulating Arm with Dual Ball Heads

Product Description

The SmallRig Articulating Arm with Dual Ball Heads (1/4”-20 screw) 2070 can be used to mount an accessory on your camera rig firmly & flexibly. Both ends of the arm feature a 1/4"-20 screw & a tightening thumbwheel for easy accessory mounting, with rubber pads protecting the equipment from scuffing. Use the included small hex key to further tighten the thumbwheel if the heavy device is attached. Both ball heads are secured using the single, large thumb lever. Compatible with a wide range of devices such as field monitor, LED light, sound gear, etc., this arm has a load capacity of up to 5 kg/11 lb. It is interchangeable with other SmallRig ball head parts such as 2132, 2133, 2134, 2211, 2114, 2108 & BUM2383 for different mounting configurations.

Key Features:

  • 1/4"-20 mounting screw at each end.
  • 360-degree full-range adjustment.
  • Secure two ball heads with a single thumb lever.
  • Interchangeable with other SmallRig ball head options.
  • Load capacity: 5 kg

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