SmallRig 4267 NP-F970 USB-C Rechargeable Camera Battery

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SmallRig NP-F970 USB-C Rechargeable Camera Battery 4267 comes with a USB-C input/output port to be charged via a portable charger, power strip, car charger, or dedicated charger and with a USB-A output port to turn itself into a power bank, which can power up a smartphone, iPad and other devices. Its USB-C port supports PD 3.0 protocol, making the battery full in just 6 hours. 10500mAh large capacity ensures equipment runs for a prolonged time; indicators help check battery status. Highly compatible and versatile, this item also supports such rigs as a camera, LED video light, monitor, slider, etc. It features a fire-resistant, durable ABS and PC shell, frosted to have a delicate touch.


  • USB-C input/output port and USB-A output port (as a power bank).
  • Supports 20W USB PD to be fully charged in 6 hours.
  • 10500mAh nominal capacity for longer run time.
  • LED battery indicators.
  • Visually distinctive color.
  • Quality battery cell, with a safe and reliable circuit for stable voltage and current output.

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