SmallRig 15mm Dovetail Baseplate 4002

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SmallRig 15mm Dovetail Baseplate 4002

Mount your rig on an ARRI-style dovetail with this SmallRig 15mm Dovetail Baseplate. The durable aluminum and stainless steel baseplate mounts onto a standard, separately available ARRI-style baseplate, and it features 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 tripod threads on the bottom to mount on a variety of plates and rigs.

The baseplate features 15mm LWS rod support for optional 15mm rods to add accessories to your rig. The plate measures 1.5" in height, allowing room for your lens to be at rod height, but certain cameras may require an additional riser plate for cameras with a lower optical center.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with ARRI-Style Dovetail
  • 15mm LWS Rod Support
  • 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 Threads on Bottom
  • Supports up to 19 kg
  • 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 Camera Screws
  • Aluminum & Stainless Steel Construction

In The Box:

  • SmallRig 15mm Dovetail Baseplate

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