Shoulder Strap for DJI Stabilisers 4118

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Shoulder Strap for DJI Stabilisers

When you are not shooting, just let go of the gimbal and sling it!


  • Releases more than 80% of stress for your hands and arms.
  • Two QD sling swivels for quick attachment and release in different shooting modes.
  • Two slide buckles for easy adjustment of strap length.
  • 4. 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded holes in the baseplate for tripods or other devices.


  • DJI RS 2
  • DJI RS 3
  • DJI RS 3 Pro

In the Box:

  • Shoulder Strap x 1
  • Baseplate x 1
  • Hex Spanner x 1
  • QD Sling Mount x 1

Product Dimensions:
Min.length 49mm x 16mm x 920mm
Max.length 49mm x 16mm x 1500mm
Package Dimensions: 210 x 82 x 47mm
Product Weight: 280g
Package Weight: 340g
Material(s): Aluminum alloy stainless steel polyester

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