SHAPE Dual V-Mount Hot Swap Mini Battery Plate (DVHMP)

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Product Description

SHAPE’s new Dual V-Mount Battery Plate (DVHMP) supports two Mini V-mount batteries which can be attached at the same time on the plate. The plate docks in a regular V-mount connection. Only one of the two batteries will work at a time. Once the first battery runs out of power, the plate switches to the other battery. A light indicator above the battery shows which battery is in play. Allows hot swapping. Two D-tap ports, (one on each side) to power additional accessories.

Key Features:

  • Supports two Mini V-mount batteries.
  • Attaches via regular V-mount connection (at the back).
  • Hot Swap Support.
  • Light indicators.
  • Battery Quick Release.
  • Two D-tap ports, 14.8V (1 on each side).

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