Nanlite Compac 100 Slim Soft LED Panel (Daylight)

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Product Description

Nanlite Compac series studio LED panels combine a slim profile with impressive brightness to create lighting similar to large softboxes but at a fraction of the size. This space-saving design makes them an ideal option for lighting portraits, interviews, headshots, live streaming, food photography, vlogging, product photography, & more.

With Compac series LEDs you can quickly achieve beautiful, studio-quality results without adding plastic filters or cloth diffusion. Rear controls enable you to dial in brightness from 0-100% & colour temperature is set to a constant 5600K for easy compatibility with other daylight balanced light sources, photographic strobes & camera white balance presets.

Whether you are shooting a video on location or setting up a home photography studio space is always at a premium. Compac series LEDs give you the light you need in the room you have. At only 3.3 inches thick, the Compac 100 uses high-efficiency LEDs to provide up to 8360 lumens (3274 Lux @ 1m 5600K) of illumination. Supplied with a standard 5/8" receiver mount, the Compac 100 can be mounted directly on any standard light stand.


  • Nanlite Compac 100 LED Panel
  • Power Cord

Tech Specs:

  • CRI: 95
  • Colour Temperature (Kelvin): 5600K
  • DMX Control: No
  • Mount: 5/8" Receiver
  • Cooling System: Active Silent Fan
  • Power Source: 100-240V AC
  • Max Power Consumption: 120w
  • Includes Rechargeable Battery: No
  • Battery Compatibility: None AC Only
  • Battery Included: No
  • Battery Required: No
  • Wireless Control Type: None

Lux / Foot Candles: Distance & Colour Temperature:

  • @ 1m 5600K 3274 lux / 304.1 fc
  • @ 2m 5600K 886 lux / 82.3 fc
  • @ 3m 5600K 396 lux / 36.7 fc

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