Kupo KS-473 Super Knuckle Mount for Aputure Amaran F21C/F22C LED Mat

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Product Description

The Kupo KS-473 Super Knuckle mount makes it easy to mount a Aputure Amaran F21c and F22c LED light mats almost anywhere

The ball joint attaches to the Amaran spider and allows for angle adjustment, while mounting to a standard 16mm light stand or spigot. It can also be mounted to glass surfaces using the optional Kupo KS-422 suction cup shown in image 4, or the Kupo KS-466 magnet mount shown in image 5.


  • 26mm ball joint with hard anodized and serrated surface is gripped better by the shell and weather resistant.
  • The double socket arm is designed with 2 side deeper cutting, offering a greater tilt down angle.
  • The silicon rubber sleeve holds the unit together while allowing the knob to adjust the position.
  • Weight: 200g
  • Loading: 8 kg

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