Kupo EZ-TIE 241B Cable Grip 20mm x 410mm (Black - 10 Pack)

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Kupo EZ-TIE 241B Cable Grip 20mm x 410mm (Black - 10 Pack)

The Kupo EZ-TIE is ideal for sound, lighting & audio/video equipment cable.

Kupo EZ-241B Cable ties are the easiest way to secure your cables to light stands, booms & of course for transport or storage. These deluxe hook & loop cable ties feature a double "O" ring buckle to help get them nice & snug, a label panel to write in & five colour options for easy identification of your different types of cables. They are washable, UV resistant to keep their colour & have been tested in extreme temperatures with a life cycle of over 10,000 closures!

Also available in packs of 10 ties, in 5 colours:

  • EZ241-B = Black
  • EZ241-W = White
  • EZ241-R = Red
  • EZ241-Y = Yellow
  • EZ241-BL = Blue

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