Kondor Blue Monitor Cage Nato Rails (Anti-Twist) 3.5” Raven Black

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Kondor Blue Monitor Cage Nato Rails (Anti-Twist) 3.5” Raven Black

These modular monitor cage rails will fit all the most popular monitor systems & allow you to mount NATO-compatible accessories such as handles, clamps, & articulating arms.

Interchangeable Anti-Twist Locator Pin inserts allow you to use all the most popular monitors & quickly secure them with a single bolt--SmallHD, PortKeys, Atomos, Blackmagic, Feelworld, etc.

Accessories can slide along the length of the monitor rail, & when it's time to pack up, disengage one of the spring-loaded pins at either end of the rail & slide your accessories off.

Use these to quickly attach a monitor to your camera or to build out your custom Director's Monitor.

1/4"-20 mounting screws are included, as is a hex wrench for installing the monitor cage rail.

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