Kondor Blue Mondo Ties Cable Management Clips for Cameras (1/4"-20) - 10 Pack (BLACK)

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Product Description

Kondor Blue Mondo Ties Cable Management Clips For Cameras (1/4"-20) - 10 Pack (Black)

Product Highlights:

  • ¼ 20 solid mounted cable tie
  • Small footprint
  • Holds 2-3 cables
  • Route in any direction
  • Supports up to 9kgs (20lbs) of force
  • Will not loosen or fall out

Production Description:

Made in collaboration with YouTuber Armando Ferreira (Mondobytes), Mondo Ties are a simple, yet effective way to manage the mess of cables on your camera rig. Each Mondo Tie comes pre-loaded with a mini ¼ 20 that can be attached anywhere on your rig. The wings of the Mondo Tie are uniquely designed to set the cables between & then twist the cables 90 degrees clockwise to “lock” in place.

Mondo Ties can hold 2-3 cables at a time. They’re available in black, red, & blue to bring extra life & highlights to your rig. Sold in 5 or 10 packs, they also come with a mini EVA signature case.

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