Kondor Blue Mini Lock Quick Release Plate for Professional Camera Workflows (Black)

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Kondor Blue Mini Lock Quick Release Plate for Professional Camera Workflows (Black)

The original KONDOR BLUE Mini Quick Release Plates have become a rigging essential & are ubiquitous throughout the industry. With micro revisions along the way, it was time to go back to the drawing board & create the ultimate Mini Lock for professional camera accessories.

Not only is the design overhaul smaller, lighter, & more feature-rich, but it is also compatible with the original Mini Quick Release male plates, anti-twist cradles, & ecosystem accessories. This allows users to upgrade with confidence knowing their initial investments have not gone to waste.

Mounting security is paramount. There are several pro mounting options for the male quick release plate:

  • Female ARRI style mount
  • Male ¼ 20 ARRI style mount (3mm pins are removable & storable within the plate)
  • NATO rail
  • ¼ 20 or ⅜ 16 receiving threads
  • ¼ 20 or ⅜ 16 mounting bolts
  • Any of the above options combine with a centralized M4 set screw

The female Mini Lock receiver also received new mounting options. The receiving ⅜ 16 threads are now deeper for more security. Removable 3mm anti-twist ARRI style pins can also be added in either orientation. The outer profile continues to be compatible with KONDOR BLUE’s range of anti-twist cradles as well. Stainless steel mounting hardware for all the mentioned configurations is included with the kit.

Because of the tiny footprint of the Mini Lock, achieving tight tolerances is critical for secure locking. The safety latch—which still features its unique ability to stay fixed when open—now features an integrated M4 nylon tip set screw. Using the included 2mm hex tool, a user can fine tune the plate-to-plate fit by simply adjusting the set screw. The nylon tip smoothly glides along the surface of the male quick release plate removing any potential play, all without marring the surface.

Each line, cut, & engraving has carefully been considered to enhance the reliability of Mini Lock. Available in a variety of colorways, the KONDOR BLUE Mini Lock is the perfect solution for mounting crucial cinema accessories.

Kondor Blue Mini Lock Quick Release Plate for Professional Camera Workflows (Black) INSERT

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