Kondor Blue D-Tap to Sony L Series Dummy Battery NPF Cable (BLACK)

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Product Description

This Coiled D-Tap Cable allows you to connect a D-Tap power source to Sony cameras, as well as many other devices that use Sony L-Series batteries, such as Small HD Monitors and LED Lights. The cable features a D-Tap connector on one end and L-Series type dummy battery that connects to your device on the other. It also has the ability to power other nearby accessories via the regulated DC port incorporated on the dummy battery itself for 8V of power.

Key Features:

  • Connect D-Tap Sources to Your Device
  • D-Tap to Dummy Battery Connectivity
  • Additional 8V DC Out Port to Daisy Chain and Power Accessories
  • 16" Contracted Length
  • 36" Extended Length
  • Input Voltage: 8V - 17V; Output Voltage: 8V (Regulated); Output Current: 2A

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