Kondor Blue ARRI pin anti-twist spacer for mini quick release plates (black)

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Product Description

Key Features:

  • Prevents our Mini QR plate from twisting loose
  • Also available for SmallHD, PortKeys, Rosette, Cold Shoe and Preston
  • 8 locking positions at 45° increments
  • Precision machined step in cradle to prevent drop through when installing
  • Compatible with Atomos monitors

Product Highlights:

There are few things worse on set than when your rigging comes loose. We obsessively work to design products that streamline the process of securing your accessories. Our Mini QR Cradle features an industry-first, drop-in anti-twist pin set. Much like our Monitor Cage Nato Rails (Anti-Twist), you can select from Arri, SmallHD, and PortKeys pin sets. The drop-in anti-twist pin set can be locked in at 8 different angles in 45° increments.

This single-bolt mounting option offers unprecedented customization all while being securely locked in your desired orientation. Installation is also simple. We’ve machined a step within each cradle so that once you’ve snapped in our female Mini QR, the anti-twist pin set is held in place. From there, mount the cradle to your desired location using a ¼” or ⅜” mounting bolt included with your Mini QR, depending on your mounting location.

Most commonly our Mini QR releases are used to mount monitors (also check out our Mini QR Swivel Tilt Monitor Mount), wireless monitoring systems, batteries, D-Tap Hub, and Magic Arms.

We’ve loved the versatility of the new Mini QR Cradles and know you will too. They are a must-have for any filmmaker’s kit.


  • 6gm/.21oz (Cradle body + Anti-Twist pin set)
  • 27.6mm W x 26.3mm H x 5mm D

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