Jinbei MZ-4800FP Air-Cushion 4.8m Light Stand

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Jinbei MZ-4800FP Air-Cushion 4.8m Light Stand

The Jinbei 4.8m light stand is a heavy duty, sturdy stand with air cushioning offering anti-drop protection for your expensive equipment.

This unit comes in black finish reducing specular reflection during use.

Pack Height is 1.2m whilst the Leg spread is 1.2m. carrying a maximum of 10kg's whilst weighing only 3.6kg's.

Tech Specs:

  • Max Height - 4.8m
  • Lowest Height - 1.36m
  • Pack Height - 1.145m
  • Leg Spread - 1.2m
  • Max Weight - 10Kg
  • Unit Weight - 3.6Kg

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