IDX P-Vmicro (Micro V-Mount Adapter Plate 2x D-Tap & USB-C)

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IDX P-Vmicro (Micro V-Mount Adapter Plate 2x D-Tap & USB-C)

The P-Vmicro is a V-Mount adapter plate sized to fit Imicro batteries. Equipped with 2x D-Taps & USB-C output.

This Micro V-Mount Adapter Plate & the A-CPmicro (Micro Cheese Plate with 15mm mini Clamp) is the perfect combo.

* Please Note: Screw hole pattern is not standard (see image)

Tech Specs:

  • Output Connectors: (2) D-Tap, (1) USB-C
  • D-Tap Output Voltage: Battery through voltage
  • Maximum D-Tap Output: 80W
  • USB-C: DC 5V / 2.3A max
  • Battery Connector Max Current: 14A
  • Ambient Temperature: -4F~113F (discharge)
  • Dimensions: 2.6(W) x 3.78(H) x 1.1(D) inches
  • Weight: 0.25 lbs approx.
  • Included Accessories: (4x) M3 x 10 Double SEMS screws

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