Nanlite Forza PJ-FMM Projection Attachment with 36° Lens (FM Mount)

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Achieve complex & bold lighting effects with Nanlite's complete optical system for the Forza 60C, 60B II, 60 II, 150, 150B, & the FS-60B. The Nanlite Forza PJ-FMM Projection Attachment with 36° Lens for FM Mount can increase the light output 17 times while still maintaining a smooth, even beam with minimal fall-off.

Ready For Small Spaces

The included 36° lens provides a tight beam, but it's wide enough to be used in small spaces. It's capable of covering large areas of a wall in a small room with either out-of-focus textures, or projections with sharply defined edges.

Expertly Crafted Details

Nanlite worked hard to ensure the light quality emitted by the Forza PJ-FMM Projection Attachment is second to none. It utilizes non-curved lenses to eliminate aberration & minimize distortion, while optical metallic-membrane plating increases luminousness & colour temperature accuracy. Finally, the internal walls of the housing are etched to reduce edge dispersion & fringing.

Extra Durability & Heat Dispersion

The housing keeps heat absorption to a minimum through the use of nylon-coated metal. Users can easily handle the projector immediately after use, & the nylon design also keeps the fixture lightweight but still robust enough for travel & non-stop location work.

Control, Shape, & Layer

For maximum flexibility in light shaping & control, it features internal shutters & includes four gobos, two gobo frames (custom & M-Size), & a gel frame. For even further control of the light's size & shape, an 18-bladed iris is available separately with the model name: PJFMMAI.

Sturdy, Protective Case

The Forza PJ-FMM Projection Attachment ships in a purpose-built protective case created to stand up to the rigors of traveling to & from sets. It ensures your optics stay safe while still leaving space for additional accessories. There is even room for the separately available 19° interchangeable lens with the model name: PJFMMLENS19.


  • Forza PJ-FMM Projection Attachment with FM Mount
  • 36° Lens
  • 4x Gobos
  • Custom Gobo Frame
  • M-Size Gobo Frame
  • Colour Filter Frame

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