Dynacore Fluorescent 6 Bank Light (5500K/3200K) (EX HIRE)

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Dynacore Fluorescent 6 Bank Light (5500K/3200K) EX HIRE

Much like Kino Flo's range of fluorescent lights, Dynacore's DSR 6 Bank's feature soft, even & smooth light distribution free of heat & any flicker. They have a high light output & include a high efficiency reflector & barndoor set.

Unlike several of the Kino Flo range the Dynacore does not house a dimmer or the ability to switch banks of two off. However if you’re looking for some grunt the Dynacore 6 Bank is worth considering.


  • 6 x 55w Daylight Tubes - 5500K
  • 6 x 55w Tungsten Tubes - 2900K


  • The light is in good working order. Being an ex hire unit it's showing signs of wear which is expected.

Please Note:

  • Stand not included

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