Kupo Convi Clamp mount for Nanlite Forza (KCP-741)

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Kupo Convi Clamp mount for Nanlite Forza (KCP-741)

Product Description

The Kupo KCP-741 Forza mount adaptor makes it quick & easy to mount a Nanlite forza control tower on any sized light stand.

The included Kupo Convi clamp has a SWL rating of 20kg, making it a very secure connection to your gripping equipment. The included hook mount allows the Forza control tower to be mounted to any sized light stand up to 51mm in diameter. The Kupo KCP-741 replaces the Nanlite Donut light stand mount.

As with all Convi Clamps, they can mount to Round or Square tubes & beams, between 5mm & 51mm in diameter.

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