RODE Lavalier II Premium Lavalier Microphone

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Lavalier II
Premium Lavalier Microphone

The Lavalier II is a premium lavalier microphone that is ideal for the most demanding audio & video applications. With a revolutionary low-profile design, superior sound quality & professional features, it offers the ultimate performance for everything from broadcast & filmmaking to podcasting & content creation. The Lavalier II pairs perfectly with a wide range of audio devices, including the RØDE Wireless GO II & AI-Micro, & also comes with a premium accessory kit.

Key Features:

  • Premium lavalier microphone for high-quality audio capture in broadcast, filmmaking & content creation applications
  • Revolutionary low-profile design & ultra-compact mounting clip
  • Discreet and easy to conceal
  • Broadcast-grade sound quality with flat frequency response & omnidirectional polar pattern
  • 3.5mm TRS locking connector
  • Premium accessory kit with pop filter, mini furry windshield, mic clip, coloured ID rings & zip case

Revolutionary Low-profile Design

The Lavalier II features a revolutionary low-profile design & ultra-compact mounting clip. This unique form factor allows it to sit flush against clothing, making the Lavalier II incredibly discreet & easy to conceal. Its flat cable is also very discreet & makes threading through clothing effortless.

Superior Sound for Superior Content

Delivering rich, detailed audio, with a very flat frequency response & an omnidirectional polar pattern that picks up crystal-clear sound from all directions, the Lavalier II offers outstanding performance for everything from broadcast applications to filmmaking & content creation to livestreaming & even podcasting.

The Lavalier II is the perfect companion for range of RØDE devices, including the Wireless GO II & AI-Micro, and features a 3.5mm locking connector for use with professional wireless microphone systems.

Premium Accessory Kit
The Lavalier II comes with a premium accessory kit to help you capture the best sound in any scenario & keep your microphone safe & organised.

This includes:

  • A high-quality pop filter for preventing unwanted wind noise or plosives from interfering with your recording
  • A mini furry windshield for recording outdoors in high-wind conditions
    Ultra-compact & versatile mounting clip for placing the Lavalier II on clothing or objects (includes cable management slots)
  • Coloured identification tags for keeping track of your microphones in multi-mic setups
  • Handy zip case for keeping your microphones & accessories safe, tidy & organised

Acoustic & Electrical Specifications

  • Acoustic Principle - Permanently Polarized
  • Active Electronics - JFET Impedance Converter
  • Polar Pattern - Omni-directional
  • Capsule - 6mm
  • Frequency Range - 20Hz - 20KHz
  • Output Impedance - 2K2Ω
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio - 67 dB
  • Equivalent Noise Level (A-Weighted) - 27dBA Typical
  • Maximum SPL - 106 dB SPL RMS (Plug-In Power, 1% THD)
    120 dB SPL RMS (Plug-In Power, 10% THD)
  • Maximum Output Level - 50mV (@ 1kHz, 1% THD into 1KΩ load)
  • Sensitivity - -38 dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (12.59 mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 3 dB @ 1kHz
  • Dynamic Range - 79 dB Typical
  • Power Requirements - 1.8v to 5v Plugin Power

Mechanical Specifications

  • Weight (g) - 9
  • Cable Length (millimetres) - 1200

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