RODE Lav-Headset Mount for Lavalier Microphones - MEDIUM

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Product Description

The Lav-Headset is an innovative & ergonomic headset-style wearable mount that offers increased versatility for users of the RĂ˜DE Lavalier & smartLav+ lapel microphones. It allows the microphone to be worn in close proximity to the mouth for optimal audio performance.

Engineered from spring steel that has been plated for lifelong durability, the mount is designed to hold its shape throughout the rigors of repeated use. Integrated cable management at the rear of the mount ensures that the microphone cable is tightly secured & provides strain relief.

The Lav-headset is available in three sizes to comfortably accommodate a range of head sizes.


  • Weight 5g
  • Dimensions 100mmH x 140mmW x 200mmD
  • Warranty 1 year

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