NiSi & Sirui Black Friday Offers 2023!

NiSi & Sirui Black Friday Offers 2023!

Between November 17 & 27, 2023 NiSi & Sirui are offering 20% discount on everything excluding NiSi's new Athena Prime range of Cine Lenses.

If you've been considering a NiSi Matte-Box, Variable NDs, 4x5.65" IRNDs or Allure Diffusion touch base with Urban Cine. Or perhaps it's Sirui's range of Anamorphic Full Frame Lenses, Lighting, or the new release Sirui SVT75 + SVH15 Pro Rapid Professional Video Carbon Fibre Tripod Kit.

Urban Cine has been an official NiSi & Sirui Reseller for some time & has a good range in Hire/Demo.

If you’re not sure, need some advice, or would just like to have "hands on" please let us know. We're more than happy to chat to build your knowledge, or just to send a quote.

As always we're happy to help in whatever capacity.

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