2021 Fleurieu Film Festival Gala Screening & Awards

The 2021 Fleurieu Film Festival Gala Screening & Awards took place at Serafino Winery last night in brilliant conditions.

Urban Cine was more than happy to offer a $750.00 Voucher for BEST FILM. The voucher can be used for equipment hire or put towards the purchase a camera, camera accessories, lighting or audio.

BEST FILM was won by Morteza Halimi for FLY.

Fly is a beautiful little animation which took over 4 years to complete.

After losing his family as an egg, the little penguin finds his own reason to live.

Rooted in the concept of identity this animation challenges the way we perceive & connect to ourselves & the world around us.

Morteza was also joint winner of "Best Use Of Theme".

Congratulations Morteza & I look forward to meeting you & discussing what you'll spend the $750.00 on.

Pete Hall
Cinematographer / Owner
Urban Cine

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