Kino Diva-Lite 400 Florescent Light (5500/3200K)

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Kino Diva-Lite 400 Florescent Light (5500/3200K)

Product Description

The Kino Diva-Lite 400 is a portable soft light excellent for interviews or when a little fill light is needed for a large scene. The lamp houses four tubes in both Daylight or Tungsten, because they're of professional grade they run cool therefore not overheating your subject. For added flexibility the tubes can be dimmed & banks of two can be switched off or on when needed.


  • 4 x 55w Daylight Tubes - 5500K
  • 4 x 55w Tungsten Tubes - 2900K or 3200K
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Tech Specs:

  • Weight: 6.4kgs
  • Output: 2990 Lux @ 1m (open face)

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