Manfrotto SYMPLA Variable Plate (3-axis adjust) with QR camera plate

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Manfrotto SYMPLA Variable Plate (3-axis adjust) with QR camera plate

Product Description

At the heart of Manfrotto's SYMPLA system is the Plate, which attaches your camera to the SYMPLA rig. The Variable Plate allows the camera & lens to be moved on three independent axes (longitudinal, lateral & vertical), a flexibility that's essential for aligning multiple camera & lens combinations with critical components like a Matte-Box or for positioning the camera viewfinder in front of your eye.

Adjustment controls are simple: longitudinally, the Variable Plate slides along SYMPLA rods & is unlocked/locked with one repositionable ratchet lever. For vertical adjustment, a single geared dial on the side of the Plate gives fingertip control; the Plate maintains its height when the dial is released, with a ratchet lever to lock the camera vertically. For lateral adjustment a single geared dial at the end of the Plate adjusts the offset of the camera from the Plate's central axis, & a single lever locks down the movement.

Tech Specs:
  • Rod System - 15mm
  • Load Capacity - 5kg
  • Weight - 1.16 kg
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