LockCircle Lightweight MAT BOX

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LockCircle Lightweight MAT BOX

Product Description

The LockCircle MAT BOX is an innovative product designed for filmmakers shooting with stills & cine-mod lenses.

The MAT BOX system offers some features that other matte-boxes do not like a complete interface mounting system for every still lens on the market & the innovative Sliding Base that compensates the focus breathe or extreme zoom extensions when changing the lens focal.

The lens extension just pushes & pulls the MAT BOX & allows a smooth ride on the 15mm rods.

Not only can the MAT BOX mount to standard 15mm rods, it incorporates a 95mm Clamp-On Ring.Attach the appropriate stepping rings to fit your lenses.


  • 2 x Filer Trays (4x4 / 4x5.650”) 1 rotating
  • Top Flag
  • Side Wings
  • Adjustable Y Support Bracket
  • 7 x Adapter Rings + Rubber Caps

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